Dental, Vision, Hearing

Dental, vision, and hearing coverage are usually additional benefits that come with Medicare Advantage plans.

Original Medicare can provide coverage, but only under very specific situations. It covers oral examinations during a hospital stay, procedures related to jaw disease treatments, oral cancer, facial tumors, or facial fractures. 

Original Medicare may also cover treatments for infections caused by dental procedures. It can also cover eye procedures such as cataract surgery and corrective lenses, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy tests, and cochlear implants.


While Original Medicare does not cover most dental services, Medicare Advantage includes certain dental services. Medicare Part C covers treatments for dental issues caused by jaw disease or dental procedures. Part C also covers dentures, denture care, fillings, extractions, and routine dental checkups. 

Many Medicare Advantage plans cover dental implants, cleanings, x-rays, root canals, pullings, annual exams, and fillings. However, some Part C plans may only cover routine dental services and not major dental services. You may be able to get a dental discount plan instead of a dental insurance plan. Dental discount plans include annual upfront fees instead of monthly premiums.

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Original Medicare only includes vision-related treatments that are under Medicare Part A and Part B and deemed medically necessary. However, Medicare Advantage includes routine eye checkups, eye exams, contacts, and prescription glasses. 


Part C plans are the only means to get hearing insurance through Medicare. Many Medicare Advantage plans offer hearing coverage services such as treatments for hearing problems, hearing aids and hearing aid fittings, hearing exams, and hearing tests. Part C plans can help cover expenses associated with hearing aid costs, exams, and tests. 

If you prefer a hearing aid brand, it is important to check before you enroll to make sure your preferred hearing aid brand is included. Since some Part C plans require you to stay within the network, ensure that your preferred provider is within the network, to minimize the out-of-pocket costs.

Standalone Plans

Suppose you like the idea of having dental, vision, or hearing coverage but not through a Medicare Advantage plan. In that case, you can certainly enroll in a standalone dental, vision, or hearing insurance plan. You can have this type of insurance along with your Medicare plan.

If you are interested in dental, vision, or hearing coverage insurance included in your health plan, then Medicare Advantage may be a good option. We can help you get the best plan suitable for your needs. Contact us today for more information.